Why GearTracker?

Our features are designed to bring you:
Time savings, savings, safety and compliance

The equipment reference book

GearTracker is first and foremost a database of all your regulated or non-regulated equipment. There is no limit to the type of equipment you can add.

Our clients even add their trucks to have reminders on technical checks.

Capture of a user list on Gear Tracker

A huge time saver

All our customers tell us about a significant time saving after switching to GearTracker.

Unlimited collaboration

Don't be alone in centralizing the list of equipment, each employee or temporary worker can access the application and manage their own equipment. Avoid double entry or paper printing. Your list of equipment will always be up to date and correct.

Capture of a user list on Gear Tracker

The simplest and most efficient interface on the market

We designed the app so that anyone can use it easily without computer knowledge. Simpler, more practical and more secure than Excel or paper.

Our advanced search (brand, model, serial number, tag,...) and our quick inspection feature allow you to find and manage thousands of equipment in an instant.

Three PPE users synchronizing through their phones

Management made for the field

Thanks to the mobile app, you can manage your list of equipment from anywhere, anytime. It's essential for updating the registry when changes are noticed, for example on the field.

Illustration of GearTracker on a computer and a mobile phone

Substantial savings

All our customers say that GearTracker is very profitable

Cost in time of equipment management

This is the first cost and the most hidden. The GearTracker subscription is well worth it every month considering the time saved compared to the hourly rate of the equipment manager and teams.

Savings on site closures due to equipment non-compliance

The labor inspection can suspend your sites until proof of compliance is provided, avoid this thanks to a PDF export that attests to the good management of equipment.

Better equipment management

Even the smallest activity manages several thousand euros of equipment per year. Better management avoids losses, allows better monitoring of equipment replacement rates, ... there is often significant savings to be made through better tracking.

Limit security and compliance risks

Proof of compliance and your good equipment management

Whether for insurance in case of an accident, at the labor inspection, at the health insurance, at governmental or non-governmental organizations (OPPBTP, ...) export in 1 click a PDF as proof of your good management of the equipment park.

As an employer, you are criminally responsible, do not take risks!

Image of a construction site

Avoid mistakes

Before migrating to GearTracker, our customers often used an Excel file. In addition to being complicated and time-consuming, it is almost systematic that this file is unfortunately filled with errors because there is usually no control on the information provided (ex: dates that contradict or are impossible).

Image of a construction site

And many other features to discover...

One last thing...

The migration or creation of a reference book is FAST, no excuse!

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