PPE Life Record Template

PPE Life Record Template

The life record of a PPE ensures the individual tracking of an item (e.g., PPE, CPC). It includes detailed information such as the purchase date, checks performed, notable incidents or wear, and the end of validity date of the equipment. This individual approach allows for precise management of the lifespan and effectiveness of each PPE, helping to determine the appropriate time for its inspection, maintenance, or replacement.

This life record is one of the mandatory documents to be kept up to date for each PPE or CPC. It is essential for ensuring worker safety and compliance with current regulations . It is part of the safety register that collects all information related to worker protection and all other equipment used by your company or association.

Fields of a PPE Life Record

Here is an example of a PPE life record generated by a PPE management software:

Example of a PPE life record

The following fields are included:

  • PPE References: Brand, Model, and Serial number of the equipment.
  • Manufacture Date: Manufacturing date of the PPE.
  • Purchase Date: Acquisition date of the PPE.
  • Commissioning Date: Date the PPE was first used.
  • Expiration Date: Usage limit date of the PPE, calculated based on the maximum or useful life of the equipment.
  • Verification Interval: Frequency at which the PPE must be checked.
  • Last Verification Date: Date of the last check of the PPE.
  • Next Verification Date: Date scheduled for the next check of the PPE.
  • Disposal Date: Date the PPE was removed from service.
  • Checks: List of regular checks performed on the PPE from commissioning to disposal.
  • User: Name of the user of the PPE, if assigned to a person.
  • Incidents: History of notable incidents or wear that occurred during the use of the PPE.

Excel and PDF Life Record Template

To help you create your own PPE life record, we provide you with PPE life record templates in Excel and PDF formats, designed to be easily customizable and tailored to your specific needs.

Download the Excel Life Record Template Download the PDF Life Record Template

For complete coverage of your PPE and legal compliance , it is necessary to create a life record for each piece of equipment in your safety register. It is also advisable to have a tab listing all your equipment and allowing you to track the verification dates and end of validity dates for each item.

While management via Excel may be sufficient for a small structure, for more efficient and secure management, we recommend using a PPE management software. This type of software allows you to centralize all information related to your PPE , automatically generate life records, schedule verifications, and receive alerts if the validity date of an equipment is exceeded.

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