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Whatever your sector of activity, if you have safety equipment, we help you save time.

Rope Access Technicians and Height Workers

As a rope access technician or employer of people working at heights, you need to ensure the information, traceability, inspection, and replacement of your helmets, harnesses, ropes, and other PPE. GearGuardian makes all this simple and fast!

Illustration of PPE in a rope access scenario

Construction, Building, and Sites

Every year, over 10% of workplace accidents are due to falls from heights. This is the leading cause of death in the construction industry. But it's not the only risk: asbestos exposure, electrical hazards, welding, machinery and tool hazards... the risks are numerous. As an employer, you need to manage the safety equipment provided, replace them, inspect them regularly,... this takes time and is complicated... unless you use GearTracker! Don't wait any longer and test our solution for free!

Illustration of PPE on a construction site

Climbing Clubs and Adventure Parks

Whether you're a climbing club or an adventure park like a treetop adventure course, our solution is perfectly adapted to your regulatory or non-regulatory safety equipment management needs.

Management and tracking, inspections, replacement of equipment, all this is greatly facilitated.

The Excel file is not suitable for equipment management, whereas GearTracker is built for it!

Illustration of PPE in a climbing club

Pruning, forestry work and sawmill

Harnesses for working at height but also anti-cutting clothing are PPE that must therefore be monitored. GearTracker makes this easy by making management efficient and collaborative.

Illustration of a logger at height

Health and Hospitals

In the hospital environment, the risks are numerous and important: chemical (chemical products, toxic or flammable), biological (notably viruses or microorganisms) and risks related to machines and tools (UV, laser, IR, …). Wearing PPE and managing them properly is crucial.

Illustration of PPE in a hospital

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