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✅ Deadlines ✅ Reminders ✅ Compliance reports ✅ Unlimited users

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60 days free trial, no commitment, no credit card required

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Does it ring a bell?

Hard to track and share

“My file is not up-to-date, and I am hesitant to share it (losses, thefts, accidental deletions)”

Use of uncompliant equipment

“This equipment should have been discarded several months ago”

Time wasted

“Checking our inventory will take us several days, not to mention generating the report”

Replace your Excel file

Save time

  • Manage your protective equipment (PPE, collective protective equipment, materials)
  • Receive an alert if a deadline is approaching or if you exceed it
  • Conduct your inspections faster
  • generate unlimited reports in seconds
  • Import your data
Young woman running fast to represent the time saved with the software

An annual inspection is not enough

Stay compliant

  • Prove your compliance with reports generated in seconds
  • Have tamper-proof traceability and avoid losses and thefts
  • Track incidents and repairs of your PPE throughout the year
  • Ensure you dispose of expired equipment on time
  • Get clear indicators of your compliance
  • Have a solid file in case of issues
A person freed from paperwork thanks to the software

Share the work and responsibilities

Have your teams collaborate

  • Grant access to the application based on profiles
  • Auditors will be able to read your data
  • Verifiers will be able to inspect your equipment
  • Users can report issues and allocate equipment, but cannot delete them
  • Administrators have complete control over the application while maintaining traceability
Three PPE users synchronizing through their phones


Don’t Take Our Word For It

But believe our customers 🙂

I switched from a cluttered Excel file with over 100 tabs to a super simple and effective app that alerts me as soon as there is a problem. I save time and peace of mind. And a little bonus, the GearTracker team is really attentive and responsive!


Christophe C.

PPE manager


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