User management

Creating a new user and invitation

The new user addition form (behind the Add a new user button), will offer you to choose from 3 roles:

  • Editor: they can assign and inspect equipment, but they cannot delete or create other equipment. Ideal for your safety equipment users or for the company in charge of inspections.
  • Reader: they can only access equipment and generate reports but cannot act. This may be suitable for auditors or users.
  • No account: they do not have access to the application but equipment can be assigned to them. What’s the point? This allows for a very centralized management of equipment by a manager who wants to manage everything without anyone accessing the application. They then take care of communicating the equipment to their teams.


For the roles Editor and Reader, the email is mandatory. An email will be sent to the person to finalize their account (password selection, among others).

If ever the person has not received it, you can click on Reinvite from the drop-down menu linked to the user in the list.

Reinvite user

Equipment allocation

From the equipment sheet, you can quickly assign a user.

User allocation

It is also possible to assign them during the creation or modification of an item of equipment

Case of user deletion

It is not possible to completely delete a user. This allows us to guarantee full historization and traceability. However, you can disable a user. They will no longer be able to log into the application and all their equipment will be unassigned from them.

To avoid this unassignment, you can also change their role to No account (they will no longer be able to access the application but their equipment will still be allocated to them).

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