Compliance reports

Generate a PDF of the entire equipment database

There are several ways to generate a conformity PDF of all your entered equipment:

  • Via the Equipment tab, the Create a report button by default generates a PDF on all your equipment. This tab also allows you to generate partial reports (see below).
  • Via the Reports tab. This tab allows you to leave a comment (optional) that will be included in the report.

All users who have an account can generate a report (Admin, Editor and Reader but NOT No account).

Generate a partial (filtered) report

Via the Equipment tab, it is possible to generate a PDF report that will be on a portion of the equipment only. To do this, filter via any field (Search, User, Tag, …). Once the filters are in place, it is possible via the checkboxes to filter even more precisely to have only the selected equipment.

Thus, it is very easy to generate reports that list the equipment of a user, a team, a type of equipment,…

Once the PDF is downloaded, you can print it after opening it like any other PDF (shortcut ctrl + p or cmd + p on MAC).

Save reports

GearTracker does not manage the backup of your conformity PDF, remember to archive it in a secure location.

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