Starting Your Own Cleaning Business

Starting Your Own Cleaning Business

Have you thought about starting your own cleaning business but don’t know what to do? Well – it’s not as difficult as you think.

The biggest problem that you are going to come up against is not the competition – it’s deciding what market you are going to target. You have a good choice.

You can go into the domestic cleaning market, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, commercial cleaning, car cleaning, pressure washing, etc. It’s your decision.

Once you have chosen your target market you need to check out the competition. This is easy. Grab a yellow pages directory and take note of the display ads – not the small classifieds. There’s a very good reason for this but it will take to long to explain in this post.

Next, do a local Google search for your target market and check out their web sites. Are they professional? – are they running a newsletter? do they have a separate fax number? Pay close attention to their trading names too as that is a dead giveaway.

As you can see checking out your competition is a big subject – especially for those of you who are just starting out and it’s something I’m going to cover in another article. That’s just the beginning of course.

You need to know your competition if you want to beat them – especially if you’re thinking of starting your own cleaning business in a competitive cleaning niche such as an office or house cleaning.

Once you’ve decided which niche suits you – and that’s very important by the way, (I’ll cover that another time) you need to break that niche down. We’ll come to that in a moment.

The thing to remember is that a lot of these small cleaning businesses are being run individually. The owner is time-starved and wrapped up in the “job”. Consequently, they do not pay enough attention to the marketing side and have got themselves into the classic “working in the business” syndrome.

You don’t want to make the same mistake because it’s easily done. You only have to look at the number of web sites that aren’t taking full advantage of e-commerce. It’s mind-boggling to think that the majority of your competitors rely on occasional fliers and yellow pages advert to generate business.

That leaves the field wide open for you doesn’t it? Providing, of course, you’ve chosen the right cleaning niche and know what you’re doing …

Now I’ve already covered two methods of researching your competition – The yellow pages and an online search. The trouble is it will only give you an idea of how many competitors are out there and the quality of their advertising. And that’s not really enough, is it?

What you need to do is look for a niche within the sector that you’ve chosen and dominate it. Don’t worry about the size of the niche because opportunities will always present themselves. I guarantee it.

Let’s take commercial cleaning as an example. I’ve just googled “commercial cleaning services” and it returned 17,200,000 results. That’s what you call a huge market. Don’t you think you could find a tiny niche inside there?

Let’s get really basic. Start a window cleaning service – I can think of three ways straight away – you can go after the residential market, go for commercial, or subcontracting. That’s three. What about going one step further and concentrating just on interiors or exteriors.

Interior glass is another one but I’ll save that little gem for another time. What about specializing in the construction industry? That’s where I made my money …

Cleaning is a big industry. There are a lot of people doing it and the reason is simple. There’s money in it – if you know where to look.

It doesn’t have to stop at the obvious either – think facilities management contracting – plenty of money in that niche. What about civil aviation and heavy engineering? Rail and truck. And of course the clean and hire business.

The most important thing you need to do right now is looking for a niche before starting your own cleaning business and decide how you’re going to make money from it and not in it!

About The Author:

Geoffrey Quinn has extensive business experience. He started from scratch with just $500 and owned a $7.68m group employing over 200 operatives.

His “Business Tips Newsletter” will teach you the right way of starting your own cleaning business and how to make a substantial monthly income from a tiny investment. You can find out more by going to and downloading a free 4000-word report where he reveals the secrets of a tiny but hugely profitable cleaning service that you can start today.

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