Marketing Your Own Office Cleaning Business

Marketing Your Own Office Cleaning Business
One of the big mistakes that new business owners make is confusing advertising and marketing.
Most people think that it’s the same thing even when it isn’t. Advertising simply is a part of marketing. Marketing is really how you present your product or service to the market.
Think of it this way. If you have your office cleaning service, how do you market it? This is a question that you should ask yourself early on because it will help decide what course your business will take in the future.
First, you have to ask yourself, what makes me different? What is my business? How is it different from every other cleaning business out there?
For example, if you have your office cleaning business, what makes you different from all the competition out there? This will give you an idea later on about how to advertise your business. Knowing about the competition helps you determine your price range as well as how to market yourself differently. A good example is to look at Pepsi and Coca Cola soda products. These products are essentially the same but are marketed differently. Look at different competing products to give you an idea of how competition works in the marketplace.
Read up on marketing. There are many books available online and even in your local bookstores that can give you an idea of how to successfully market your business. Knowing how to market can be the difference between failure and success. A little research, in the beginning, can help you a lot later on.

Second, your office cleaning business is geared towards cleaning offices and other areas of business. Who are you targeting specifically? Are you going to clean big offices, small offices or small local businesses? This will help you know who to talk to as well as who will take advantage of the services you offer. If, for example, you want to offer your services to small businesses, you will know what price range they can afford and therefore what your price ranges should be.

Third, take a look at the market. Know what’s going on around you. You certainly can’t advertise a high-priced office cleaning business if the market isn’t good. This is one way for you to keep up not only with the times but with the market that will affect your business.

Finally, determine how these factors affect your advertising. A good advertising campaign takes not of the marketing situation, which the target audience or customer is and how you can persuade these customers that you are the business for them. A great advertising campaign builds around these factors so that it can show customers how your office cleaning business can give them the best bang for their buck.

Remember, marketing your office cleaning business isn’t as hard as it seems. It is simply a matter of doing research and knowing how to present your product to your customers so that you will be hired and remembered. Good luck with marketing your office cleaning business!

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