Equipement management

In this section, we will cover:

Search, filter and sorting

In the equipment view, the search field allows you to filter the list on:

  • The name, brand, model
  • The serial number
  • The assigned user
  • The tag
  • … and even the status!

In short, this search allows you to filter on all columns of the equipment table.

The other filters (tag, status and user) allow you to select multiple. Within a filter, this acts as an “or”, between filters, it acts as an “and”.


Example: Tag filter (“Ready”, “Rental”) + Utisateur (David) will list all equipment that is either ready or rental AND is assigned to David.

For sorting, it is possible to click on the column headers to sort in ascending or descending order on the column.


There are 3 ways to perform inspections:

  1. From the equipment sheet, in the “deadlines” section, the Inspect button allows you to modify the status of the equipment
  2. From a list of equipment, the “inspect” button allows you to modify the status directly from the list
  3. Always from the list of equipment, the header column button Inspect All allows you to modify all equipment in the list

PPE inspection

Emails and alerts

Every month you will receive in your inbox the summary of the status of all your equipment.

But that’s not all, when an item changes status from “normal” to next inspection in less than 30 days, an email is sent to you for alert.


The email is sent to all users of the organization who have an account, regardless of the role (Admin, Editor or Reader).

How to…

Add specific information (notice, …)

The description field in the equipment sheet allows you to add anything you want that wouldn’t fit in the other fields. It is quite possible to add links (manufacturer’s website, other document, …).

PPE description


At any time you can print the sheets or what you have in front of you by clicking on Print in your browser’s menu or via the shortcut ctrl + p (or cmd + p on MAC)

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