Best Way To Clean Hardwood Floors

Best Way To Clean Hardwood Floors
More and more people are opting for hardwood flooring in recent times. Some of the more popular reasons for such a choice are- firstly it adds value or worth to the house or property. Second, it adds aesthetical value to the rooms. They look very classy and elegant. Thirdly, hardwood flooring is durable stuff. It will serve for a very long time but of course if they are aptly taken care of.

Cleaning hardwood floors is claimed to be a very easy process by many. The methods of cleaning do not vary much amongst themselves. They usually follow a similar pattern. What basically varies is the finish of the hardwood floor. Initially, the hardwood floors were finished with wax and the cleaning procedure could be very specific and difficult. Today a new type of finishing is popularly used- Polyurethane finishing, which is much easier and more convenient for cleaning. There is a specific way of cleaning although a few variations are permissible and each of these could be tagged as the best way to clean hardwood floors.

Mentioned below is a specific way to clean hardwood floors:

Experts claim that wash or cleaning the hardwood floor with water is not scary. It generally does not cause harm to the wood. But it has to be kept in mind that the floor should not be kept wet for a long time after cleaning is done. It should be immediately dried. If there are holes or aberrations on the hardwood floor, water should not be allowed to percolate in or it would gradually start ruining the wood from that point.

For such reasons the floor should preferably not be made too wet or the water should not be splashed on the floor. Instead, a mop could come to rescue. A mop made wet which would have the dampening effect on the floor would be a good option. Before pulling the mop on the whole floor, the dirt and debris should be removed. Use a broom if it managed to clean off the dirt by it or use a vacuum cleaner. The bottom line is- to clear off the hard particles so that while mopping they don’t end up making unwanted scratches on your precious wood floor. Keep rinsing as necessary while the entire floor gets mopped. It is important to dry up the floor soon after it has been dampened.

A very useful cleaning solution to clean hardwood floors is a mix of vinegar and water. It is perfectly handy and easy to make. This keeps the floor shiny and clean. Some people add Penisol to this. This gives the floor a clean smell.

To clean the hardwood floors with wax at certain intervals is also required. It gives a shiny look to the varnished floors. But some people tend to use it too many times, which is undesirable since that would mean spending quite a lot on wax removal later.

Use of broom, a vacuum cleaner, and a mop accompanied by water and vinegar and occasionally some wax is the best way to clean the hardwood floor. This acts well as a floor restorer too.

The best way to clean hardwood floors is with a damp mop and elbow grease. The best way to keep your hardwood floors clean is to apply Pro Shot® Floor Restorer. One application will last months and months, and your hardwood floors, whether old or new, will stay looking cleaner longer.

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